Marketing your business can be a costly exercise and somewhat daunting. Where do you start? What is your budget? What channels can I use?


Virtual Assistant Agency take a look at 8 simple ways to advertise your company for free?

1. Email signature.
Yes, you probably do this already but we’re not talking about just having your contact details at the bottom of your email. We’re talking about having bullet points of services and products your company offers, an exciting piece of information or simply stating what services you offer or production capabilities. Why not even create a picture banner with all this information on and Hyperlinked to your website? There will always be the potential of the recipient or even others (if the email is forwarded) clicking out of intrigue.  
2. Social Media Banners.
Cover and Profile photo sections you can have an image with your company’s unique selling points (USP’s). A picture paints a thousand words and over 90% of information sent to the brain is visual. But don’t waste this opportunity just putting a logo or pretty picture on there! Make sure that you are on Facebook (over 2 billion users worldwide) but also make sure that your company is on the business social network platform, LinkedIn. You can create a company profile and build followers so that you can advertise your news for FREE!
3. Newsletter Footer.
Hopefully, your company is sending out regular updates to a growing database of clients. This is your opportunity to put a section at the bottom with a short bio of who you are accompanied by an eye-catching image. It may be that you had an opt-in promotional offer which created a huge amount of subscribers, but it doesn’t necessarily mean they know exactly what it is you do. You want to give them an overview.
4. Blog Bio.
If you are writing regular Blogs for your business, then you need to consider having a picture image with a bio introducing your company. You will naturally get random, new visitors to your Blog and this is your chance to seize an opportunity.
5. Business Cards.
Using both sides of the cards. One side to show who you are, contact details and website address and the other side to highlight any services, product ranges etc. Make sure you invest a little bit extra in the quality of the card. There’s nothing more impressive than feeling a good quality business card. You don’t want to promote your company with a dull, flimsy, dog-eared card.
6. Flyers.
Flyers, cards and notes are a good way of marketing your company. Yes, ok it’s not free but how you use them is what matters. If your business supplies products, then your customers will be receiving parcels. Make the most of this by putting flyers inside which shows any special offers you have, an event coming up, a referral or repeat buy incentive. The world is your imagination with this one.
7. Clever Card Placement.
Use your business cards and flyers wisely. Placing them where your potential customers or agents will be. It could be exhibition centres, cafes, train stations, waiting rooms etc. Make sure you get permission first though. If you have a small budget then it might be worth your while thinking about sign writing your rear car windscreen. You’ve probably been in traffic and noticed someone else’s business and if it resonated with you, you’re more than likely going to look them up.
8. Free online directories.
Register your business on as many free online directories as you can such as and It is an extra presence on the internet and can only help your exposure. People are everywhere, and they are always watching, talking and connecting and all it takes is a bit of strategic planning by you to make sure you are out there.
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