So, what DO we do?

We often get asked the question, what do you do? so what do we do and why do we do it?

What we love about working at Virtual Assistant Agency is that no one day is the same.

We have a wide variety of clients and each client has a different requirement, different niche markets and different ideas.

That’s where we fit in nicely – we are experts at being adaptable.

We usually start the day with the school run, after all, the children must come first, and we have the flexibility of working remotely from home so that we can care for our loved ones.

Got to admit though, it’s lovely to put the kettle on and have a daily business meeting over the kitchen table!

Then it’s put hair up in a ‘get stuff done bun’ in Nicki’s case anyway and Ian gets into game face mode for the day ahead.

As we said no day is the same, but the tasks are fairly similar.

1. Web Designing

we are gaining many new customers and not surprising, through recommendation and referrals. If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing well as the saying goes. That’s just what we do. We are articulate, and we make sure we communicate to ensure we have our expectations in sync.

We are fair people and we don’t overcharge people for the simplest of tasks like some designers.

You may be surprised but we are self-taught in this area, Nicki has been designing her own and friends businesses websites for over 18 years, we now have vast experience with a great understanding of using current advanced software to produce top quality work for our clients.

2. Social Media Management

this is such a minefield and there may be many using social media for their personal lives but using it for business can be overwhelming. Knowing what to post and when is a task in itself, not forgetting keeping up to date with constantly changing algorithms to enable you to reach the right audience at the right time.

We take care of this. It may only be one or two posts per day but it’s the time needed to set aside from the day-to-day duties. Sometimes it doesn’t get done and to do this right needs consistency.

3. Blogging

A part of our business that is growing by the month. We’re not experts but we dedicate time and effort to research and provide unique and readable Blogs. The advantage of Blogs is to drive traffic to your website, to create engagement on and ensure it is the  “go to” place for your industry. It’s where you give value and generate interest rather than boring static pages that don’t appeal to anyone.

Stand out from the crowd and start Blogging. From as little as £50+VAT per Blog, you will start to see your website take shape. You won’t get instant return via sales but you will start to create value and trust, which leads on to sales and long-term relationships.

4. A mix of…

Logo design, email campaigns, event management and remote admin and sales takes up the rest of our day.  We did say it was varied. Between us, we have lots of experience and business backgrounds.


Time to collect the kids from school and homework duties and family time.

Once the kids are settled and tucked up for the night, we crack on and commit to helping our clients at key exposure times on Social Media. The evolving of business has now gone beyond the old 9 til 5!!

What is fantastic, as your key prospect is waiting for dinner to cook, they are browsing Facebook and your post appears. Bingo – you’ve now got their attention when you couldn’t during their busy day.

If you like the idea of any of the above, then we’d like to hear from you. Send us an inbox and we’ll get back to you.