Do you want to know how to manage your time and get 28% of your day back? According to the McKinsey Global Institute, the average Full-Time employee spends an estimated 61% of their day reading and answering emails, searching for information and communicating and collaborating with internal colleagues! Did you get that? 61%… and based on the average of a 40-hour working week, that is the equivalent to over 24 hours per week of lost productivity. Not including the amount of time required to re-focus back to the task at hand. And according to the Office for National Statistics, the average weekly wage of a full-time employee is £539 and so over £323 per week is lost per employee!!   We’ll let you calculate what that means for your business in terms of an annual cost but even one employee could cost over £16,000 in lost productivity. However, in this particular piece, we can discuss how just outsourcing your email to Virtual Assistant Agency can give your company 28% more productivity time back at a fraction of the cost. Virtual Assistant Agency can help you with lots of business services but here’s how, with well-defined rules, it can help you with emails;
  1. Decide your goals. Ask yourself whether you want someone to take control of your entire email inbox or only handle routine emails? You can start with the latter and with time and trust along with the right training, it can then lead to full control;
  2. Configuring your email. You can either allow your VA access to your password or use a third-party service like which allows access while masking the master password;
  3. Communication.  This is a vital part of the process of using a VA and the following would be useful;
    a) Set specific times of the day for your VA to sort emails. Maybe 2-3 times per day b) Decide if you want your VA to answer emails as if they were coming from you directly, or to reply as your Executive Assistant – which would probably work best. This can be done directly from your inbox, answering directly or forwarding to their own email address. c) Specify which emails you want to deal with yourself, which ones you want to discuss with your VA first and ones you ONLY want to see yourself.
  4. Discuss.  Ensure you discuss your filing system or design one together so you both know where your information is.
  5. Draft standard Replies. To deal with emails efficiently, compose a standard email reply to those typical emails you receive.
  6. Summary email update. Having a one-point contact can help you save time and money by taking you away from communicating with hundreds of people. By having a summary email once a day or even a telephone conversation to highlight all of the important messages for that day.
To be slick takes time. Have a little patience with your VA whilst you train them to your standards and procedures and while they get familiar with your company, products, personnel and your contacts. Don’t forget, investing in the training your VA for a few hours, will see a huge return in production time. Send us an email right now to find out more or pick up the phone 01785 503950