Admin tasks I can take off your hands…

  Administrative support is a key service I offer as a VA, my role is to make your life simpler and more organised, here are a few ideas of the admin tasks you can outsource to me. Whether you want to completely offload all or just some tasks – let’s have a chat to discuss how I can lighten your load.
  • Managing your calendar/schedule
Do you literally feel like you don’t know where you need to be? Do you miss important appointments altogether? Does your ‘to-do’ list never become a ‘ta-da’ list? Do you have scraps of paper all over the place and no system in place? Do you find yourself constantly apologising for running late? Do you regularly double book yourself?  Solution: Using an online diary system such as Google calendar, I can set up and diarise your business and personal tasks and schedule, setting alarms and push notifications when necessary to remind you, keep you on track and in the right places at the right time. Relax and know that I’ve got your back.
  • Building or managing databases

Whether you are building a database from scratch or maintaining an existing one, we all know how time-consuming these can be. We also know that every business needs a database of clients and suppliers at the very least if not others for potential leads, competitors, past, present and future projects, stock inventories, costings, income and expenditure – the list can become endless. Having streamlined processes in place can take up so much of your valuable time but if you want your business to run smoothly and efficiently then they are a necessary task which needs to be kept organised and updated on a regular and consistent basis. Have you ever wished you had a magic wand and all the information you need would just miraculously appear in the format you want it to? Solution: Let me take the weight off your shoulders and be your ‘magic wand’, by creating and maintaining your databases for you.  Leaving you to get on with your income producing activities and be able to access your valuable lists and information whenever you need to, from where ever you are and know that they are reliable and up to date.
  • Booking appointments and calls

Do you want to be able to spend your time actually getting in front of your clients, building that rapport face to face or physically getting on with your income-producing activities? Solution: Rather than spending hours on the phone or responding to enquiries I can handle these for you, set up your appointments, put them in your diary, set alarms so you get prompted, leaving you free to attend your to clients needs directly, be more productive with your time and enable you to attend more appointments.
  • Making travel arrangements

Do you leave your travel plans to the last minute and have to pay premium prices? It’s often so much more cost effective to shop around, find the best deals, plan the ideal time efficient routes – I can hear you shouting at me now…
“STOP!!!! I don’t have time for all that – I’m lucky if I even get to my appointment at all”
Solution: Let me handle all your travel plans for you – I can make sure you are where you need to be at the time you need to be there, without the hassle, without the last minute panic, without rushing, at the most cost-effective price possible – so you can turn up to your face your client relaxed and stress-free.
  • File management

Do you create documents and never know where you actually saved them to on your computer? or even worse – do you spend hours creating the perfect presentation or article and actually forget to save it or delete it by accident! Are you ever out and about and realise that the document you want is on your desktop in the office or you’ve forgotten to take your laptop with you? Solution:  I can handle all your file management for you, making sure your documents are safely saved and backed-up and are stored so you can access them wherever and whenever you need them.

  • Data entry

Data entry takes up so much of your valuable time, you’ve collected names and address of clients and suppliers, business cards galore, price lists, business cards, inventories, email addresses the lists really to go on and on – but now what? Are all your lists all over the place? on scraps of paper or you may be a little more organised and have notebooks and paper directories! When you want the information you have to trawl through your ‘organised’ or ‘not so organised’ chaos. Solution: If only you had all this valuable information organised efficiently on a computer so you could call up whatever you need at the touch of a button – how much time would this save you? and how organised will you be? I can do this for you in a fraction of the time it would probably take you, and you won’t be tied up doing it yourself – win-win!!
  • Creating reports

So you’ve worked your socks off you’ve created all the content for the best presentation of your career and you now need to put it into a format that looks amazing and makes sense to the audience it is aimed at – the only problem is you know it’s going to take you ages. Plus you have no idea how to make it look ‘pleasing’ to the eye and still make total sense. Solution: I have an eye for detail, I can make your reports come to life and maintain your essential message and hard work and whether you need it in hard copy or online format it will look a million dollars without it taking you double the amount of time to achieve it.
  • Generating forms

One of the best ways to capture your potential client’s details is to have a lead generation/contact form on your website or mailshot – but how on earth do you do that? Solution: Let me do it for you!!! I know what I’m doing, how to achieve what you need and how to integrate it into your platforms. I can also create responses and follow-up campaigns to take the initial enquiries to the next stage.  
  •  Drafting letters, emails, internal communication
All those letters, emails and memo’s stack up, don’t they? Receiving, opening, responding and communicating takes up so much of your time.  They are essential tasks that need doing, but very often the things that get left until ‘later’.  Before you know it you have people chasing you, hundreds if not thousands of emails unopened and you begin missing really important correspondence and even enquiries. Solution:  I can get everything organised and up to date and more importantly I can deal with action and respond for you too – leaving you to know that the only correspondence you need to deal with are the important ones which have been flagged for your attention.  
  • Preparing agendas

Planning your agenda for an event or even your day to day activity, takes time, but how can you have the time to write your agenda when you are too busy being in all the places you need to be? Solution:  Wouldn’t it be so much easier to know exactly where you need to be and at what time?  Well, you can have it all – Let me prepare your agenda and leave you to just turn up! I can even provide you with alarms and organise your travel arrangements – think of how stress-free and organised you will feel without it taking up all your time to sort it out.
  • Personal online shopping

Are you so busy building your business and earning your income that when you get home the cupboards are practically bare? Who needs to eat hey? Well, we all know this is a necessity but gosh even ordering online seems to take forever right?  Or maybe you’ve got an important birthday or occasion approaching and you just haven’t got the time to go out and get the perfect gift? Solution:  Let me do it for you, I’ll get to know the type of meals you like, we’ll create different menus and shopping lists for you, arrange to have your shopping delivered at a time which is convenient for you so you literally have your own little shopping fairy – I could even arrange to get someone to come and put it away for you and if you really need me to 🙂 And if it’s a personal gift you’ve needed me to organise for you then I’ll make sure it’s beautifully wrapped and delivered to or for you so the recipient really does get the ‘wow’ factor when they open it!  
  • Setting up spreadsheets

Turning lists and figures into tables and documents which not only look great but also make sense are not the easiest tasks in the world and to add to that they are also extremely time-consuming. Learning and actually understanding cells and formulae takes some doing and certainly takes a lot of time.  Have you got the time to learn how to do it never mind the time to create the working document you need? Solution:  I know, understand and have vast experience in producing spreadsheets, including, charts, graphs, comparisons, complex formulae and creating spectacular results in a fraction of the time it may take you.  
  • Creating presentation slides

You have all the knowledge and ideas and you need to present it to others, but you don’t have the time to turn it into an actual presentation or you don’t know how to! How on earth do you create animations, insert pictures, add music, change colour schemes?
“Arrrrrrrrgh Help”
Does this sound familiar? Solution: I love creating presentations, and I’m blowing my own trumpet but I’m actually really good at them too. Let me provide you with the perfect end result and one you will be super proud to present.  

The list is endless – if you need it done, but you don’t have the time, energy or knowledge of how to do it – then get in touch – I’ll be able to help you!